Dream for the Next Season

Tree Dream

I was standing at the bottom of a green knoll.  On top of the knoll was a tall, beautifully formed tree. It had perfect, uniform bark with closely formed pieces in vertical rows.  No blemishes, twisting or knots were on this trunk.  It was perfect and straight.  It was very large around and the same size all the way up, with no narrowing at the top.  Three fourths the way up the tree where the canopy formed was burned off, with only a few dangling branches black with soot.

I woke up startled at what I saw.  I knew it was a spiritual dream and asked the Lord what it meant.  The only thing that came to mind at the time was the burning of the dross in our lives.  The Lord has been cleansing our prayer team of the inner attitudes, judgments, opinions and prejudices for several months. I thought that might be what it meant.  But I knew it had to have more meaning that just that.  If it was a purging of the dross only, there would have been branches left on the treetop.

I shared it with our Friday prayer group and they felt the same thing.  Though it was partially the burning of the dross in our lives there had to be more meaning than that.  We also knew it was for the whole Body of Christ, not a personal message to just us.

This week I was listening to Nate Johnson’s soaking message from June.  In the middle of the message he said this, “God is burning out the old season”.   I knew immediately that was the meaning of the dream.  I decided to try to visualize the dream by finding a burning tree.  When I was looking at my favorite free photo sites I noticed all the trees in the forest fires were burned from the ground up.  Even if the tree top started on fire it was from a tree near it.  The fires started at the grass, burned up and then traveled from tree to tree.  It was a deeper revelation of the dream.  This tree was by itself.  The grass was totally green.  The trunk was in healthy condition.  It could not have been lightening as lightening always scars the trunk.  That’s when I knew it was the Lord Himself who burned the top of the tree.  It came from above, but did not touch the trunk or the grass below.

Here’s what I believe the Lord is saying.

I have tried to get you to change to my new way of doing things.  You have resisted wanting to keep what you know how to do in place.  I have tried to draw you higher into my vision of the future, but you keep trying to live in what you see where you are.  Therefore, I have burned the past ways of doing things.  It is destroyed by My fire.  The foundations of faith, all that you have that is based in My Word and My ways are still there in the trunk. It will hold the new season.  It will provide life for the new season.  You will grow stronger, mightier and higher in the new season.  This time, right now is for inner growth.  Go back to your foundation faith and rebuild My way.  I will be the One leading this time.  I will be the One causing new growth and branches.  I will be the One overseeing the new season as I am preparing the Bride for my coming.  Don’t resist Me in this.  You cannot go back to the old ways as I have burned them.  All will know it is Me who has done this for the fruit will glorify Me.


September 2019 M.O. McKinley

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