A Praying Church and a Praying Home

Thesis #9: “The New Apostolic Epoch”  By: P. Douglas Small


A thesis is a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.  I believe the following thesis that I am about to read to you concerning prayer.  In the church, we do many things such as maintaining the buildings and grounds, keeping them clean, visiting the sick and needy, caring for those in need of care, discipling, training, preaching the Gospel and a whole lot more.  The thesis I am presenting today – thesis # 9 – about prayer says this:

“Back and forth, the people of God live between the two blessings, the praying home and the praying church; the personal family and the corporate.  Prayer constitutes both, drives the success of both, and invites God’s blessing on both.”

Prayer:  O Lord our Lord, we ask for your favor and blessing upon our families today.  Bless our homes to be places of great love and Christian communication.  Let our families find great consolation, comfort and direction from being a part of the home we are in.  We thank you for the haven our home is to us personally and ask as well that Your blessing always be available to any and all who pass through it’s doors.  May we be mindful of Your provision for us and honor you with regular, heartfelt, praise, prayer and worship in the place our family dwells.  Bless us, in our home, to be on the attack against the enemy of our family and all families in general.  Keep us in the victory of Christ, and by faith we apply the shed blood of Christ to the doorposts of our home for the protection we need against the enemy of our souls.

Thank you for the church, the body of Christ.  Thank You for the strength the church provides our family through fellowship, teaching, training, discipling and friendship.  We pray for the church to be a wellspring of refreshing for all families of the earth.  May the fountainhead of life through the name of Jesus Christ be manifest through the lives of each of us who have claimed allegiance through faith.  May we always be on the alert to opportunity for, as well as opposition to, the cause of Christ.

We submit our lives, to You and pledge to love You with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind and with all of our strength.  Use us, for your glory, to expand the Kingdom of God in the earth.  Guide us by your Holy Spirit in that process as long as we live.  Receive us into Your Presence when the day of our departing from this world comes.  In Jesus Name we pray!  Amen and Amen!


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