Bible Study Methods Explored Part 2

As Christians, we all want to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We desire to learn the ways of God and how to flow in harmony with both God and mankind.  By studying the Bible, we can accomplish all these things successful

Step-By-Step Bible Study

There is no perfect method.  Each one has its benefits and meets the needs of different people.  Don’t be afraid to try different ways of studying.  You will find one or two that work well for you.  Don’t be intimidated by how others do their study of the Bible.  If you find it dull at first, that is normal.  It is only when you pray beforehand and ask the Lord to give you insights into what you are reading that it becomes alive and exciting.  If you are not a studious person at all, don’t like to read, or have trouble reading, you can always get an audible version of the Bible and listen to it.

I have an app on my cell phone, and also some CDs of the Bible.  You can even have it on while washing dishes, working on your lawnmower, etc.  You do not have to sit quietly and listen.  After a while using the listening method you chose, you will find yourself wanting to go to a quiet place, with pen and paper as the Lord starts talking to you individually.  You can even record that conversation also.  I have an audio recorder on my cell phone.  Whenever I am praying or studying something that speaks to me, I will turn that recorder on and speak my prayer and response to God.  When I listened to that conversation later, it helped me to understand more of what God was saying to me personally.

In other words, take your time getting into a rhythm of study, you will find a settled place and start enjoying it.  My study habits have changed over the years.  Sometimes I will spend intense hours in a deeper study of a subject.  Sometimes, it is just hearing the Word of God spoken to me audibly. Sometimes it is in a Bible study with others, which can get interesting!  Whatever method you use, just keep going.  Consistent study produces the fruit of a life lived for Jesus.

Start with baby steps, try again and again until you get it.  Then allow the Lord to increase your hunger for the Word of God.  It will come in some really surprising ways.  Enjoy the journey, don’t allow yourself to get frustrated and give up.  You can do it!  You can truthfully develop a relationship with Jesus through His Word.

Subject Study

Many people use this method to study the Bible.  It is fun, interesting, and very informative, but it is not a complete method.  It is used in addition to other studies.  The main reason for that is the temptation to take the subject and remove it from the context it was written. This happens a lot when we are new Christians and are seeking a quick answer to prayer, or want to know more about God.  It is very helpful, but not a full study.

You can make it more of a full study by making sure you read before and after each subject chosen to find the full context.  This will keep you out of doctrinal danger and from believing teachings from the Bible that are not the complete picture.

Examples of types of subject studies are:

  • All the angels found in the Bible
  • All the Names of God
  • End Time prophecies
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Salvation
  • Healing
  • Miracles
  • God’s provision
  • Pride
  • Your identity in Christ
  • Friendship
  • Integrity
  • Parables
  • Doers of the Word
  • Manly responsibilities 
  • Manly Mentoring
  • Family responsibilities
  • Relationships
  • Recognizing temptation
  • Power over your tongue
  • Missions
  • Tithing

The list can go on and on according to your needs at the time you are studying.  Use this method when you are searching for answers for a specific issue of life.  Just make sure you read the whole chapter to determine the true meaning of the verse.

Keeping a notebook handy will help you to jot down related subjects for deeper study.


























Bible Word Studies

Word studies are both challenging and a lot of fun for those of us who like language.  Many Bible teachers spend much time doing word studies.  This method takes the specific words in a Bible passage and looks them up from the original language, Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic, to seek the meaning behind the usage of the word in that passage. 

Names of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit

This type of Word study is an eye-opener into who the Godhead is.  By looking up all the names used in the Bible to describe God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, their personalities, positions, power, authority, and relationships to each other and with mankind are revealed.

  • God-El Shaddai-God All Sufficient-Genesis 31:29
  • God-Adonai-Lord-Genesis 15:2
  • Jesus-Seed of David-2 Timothy 2:8
  • Jesus-Son of God-Luke 1:35
  • Holy Spirit-Spirit of God-Genesis 1:2
  • Holy Spirit-Spirit of Life-Genesis 7:22
The meaning of one word is used in many ways

This is both an interesting and enlightening study.  In English, so many words are used for several meanings. For example, the word, “meet”.  It means coming into someone’s presence, joining or touching an organized event. Many of the Biblical words are the same, changing the whole meaning of the Scripture verse simply by the correct usage of the word.  This type of study needs Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and word study books to help clarify the correct meaning. You can also get a clearer meaning by just simply reading the whole chapter or book it is within.  The setting, the way the passage is addressing different people, and the person speaking all add to the correct definition of the word.

Study Each Word in a Verse

This type of word study is best when you have time to explore the Word.  By taking one verse at a time, and checking all the words, you can get a clearer meaning of the text.  Especially be watchful of words like “if”, “when”, “can”, “will”, etc…  All those defining words are important.  Here is a good example:   

 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)   “14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”   Two words stand out, “if” and  “then”.  If my people, then I will.  Those types of words clarify the truth of the Scriptures.

Books that will help you study 
  • A good study Bible-there are many on the market that has marginal study notes. (example: Thompson Chain Reference)
  • “Zondervan Handbook to the Bible”Zondervan Publishing House
  • “Vincent’s Word Studies”-Hendrickson Publishers
  • “Strong’s Concise Concordance and Vine’s Concise Dictionary of the Bible”-Thomas Nelson Publisher
  • “Complete Evangelical Parallel Bible”-Hendrickson Publishers
  • Also a good dictionary like Webster’s
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