Bible Study Methods Explored

As Christians, we all want to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We desire to learn the ways of God and how to flow in harmony with both God and mankind.  By studying the Bible, we can accomplish all these things successful

Bible Group Studies

This is a great method for Bible study.  Especially if it is an open conversation and not just teaching.  It is good to have a leader who is very skilled in the Bible to keep everything on an even keel and inside Biblical truth.  A group of 5-20 people who meet weekly or even monthly to study the Bible together can allow the whole group to grow together in the things of God.


Having a time of open questions that others may have an understanding of will help the group grow.  Also, by having no judgment against any honest question may send the whole group into deeper Bible study to find the answers.  Everyone will need a good Bible translation, notebook, and pen.  You might want to record at least the audio if it is agreeable with the whole group.  Sometimes discussion flies back and forth so quickly that we can miss something.


A quiet meeting place is best, whether in a home or a church setting.  Having children, pets, and other people interrupting will hinder the whole purpose.  If the children are old enough to read, they might enjoy the first part of the study and could be excused if they get bored or tired.  One to two hours is a good limit.  It usually takes about 20 minutes for everyone to get there and settle down, so a two-hour plan might be best.


Consistency once again is the key to this kind of study method.  Each person needs to commit to being there if at all possible.  Each person is needed to help the whole group grow.  The Early Church started this way, rehearsing all the things that Jesus had taught them.

Read through the Bible Daily Study

Read through the Bible daily study method

There are many plans available on the internet to help you get a reading plan.  Pinterest is filled with them.  You can certainly download any one of them and follow them.  A lot of people read through the Bible once a year using these plans.  There are others that choose Old or New Testament reading plans, or even subject plans.

Any way that you choose to conduct this study method, requires discipline and persistence. To make it successful, it might help to choose a time of day you can sit down and read, or listen to the Bible.  The first thing in the morning, before the family is up and about, or the last thing at night after they have gone to bed, or even at lunchtime.  If you make a plan and choose a time and place, you will have success.

This method is not a deep study, but rather an awakening of the Word of God in the fullness of God and His people.  As you read whole sections of the Bible, the larger picture will form.  Small pieces will reach out to you and touch you, but for the most part, you are absorbing the Word into your spirit.  A good student of the Bible will add to this method, of individual studies also.

Keeping a notebook handy for quick references for deeper study will also help you go further in your walk with the Lord.  So many times reading a passage of Scriptures will trigger questions that require further investigation.

S.O.A.P. Study Method

The S.O.A.P. method of Bible study was invented by a pastor in Hawaii.  It is a simple tool to start your Bible learning journey.  Later on, you can branch out into deeper study methods with more steps and in depth information. 

This method helps you get started and also helps you grasp the truths in the Bible. S.O.A.P. is an acrostic to help you remember 4 easy steps to reading and studying your  Bible.  S stands for Scripture.  O- stands for Observation.  A-stands for Application.  P-stands for Prayer.

S-Stands for Scripture

Whatever Scriptures you start with, as you read, look for certain words or phrases that speak specifically to you at this time.  Sometimes it is a specific word, like “love” that will speak to you.

O-Stands for Observation

Using your own words, describe what the words or phrases are speaking to you. Are they calling you to change your ways? Are they bringing comfort? Do you need to read another passage of Scripture to understand this one better?

A-Stands for Application

Now you can ask the Lord to show you how you can apply these Scriptures to your own life What do you need to do to respond to the Word you read? Do you need to repent, rejoice, pray, change your heart?  How do these verses change who you are?

P-Stands for Prayer

Pray for wisdom and understanding of the Scriptures you just read. There is always something you can take from reading the Bible.  Peace, joy, conviction, hope for a better future. Pray for the Lord to fulfill the Word in your life.

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