Read Through The Bible Daily Study Method

Read through the Bible daily study method

There are many plans available on the internet to help you get a reading plan.  Pinterest is filled with them.  You can certainly download any one of them and follow them.  A lot of people read through the Bible once a year using these plans.  There are others that choose Old or New Testament reading plans, or even subject plans.

Anyway you chose to conduct this study method, it requires disciple and persistence. To make it successful, it might help to choose a time of day you can sit down and read, or listen to the Bible.  The first thing in the morning, before the family is up and about, or the last thing at night after they have gone to bed, or even at lunchtime.  If you make a plan, choose a time and place, you will have success.

This method is not a deep study, but rather an awakening of the Word of God in the fullness of God and His people.  As you read whole sections of the Bible, the larger picture will form.  Small pieces will reach out to you and touch you, but for the most part, you are absorbing the Word into your spirit.  A good student of the Bible will add to this method, individual studies also.

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