Desire Qualifies You

Desire Qualifies You

This morning when my husband Al woke up, the Holy Spirit came to him and began to teach him about desire.  Did you know that your desire qualifies you and the revelation of that causes you to walk in what you desire?
Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
The key to walking in your desires is love. It’s easy to flow in the spirit when love is guiding your heart.  Your heart just needs to be healed of wounds and offenses. Only God can come and heal you. He heals you as you wait on Him.
Waiting on God is like taking a bubble bath or doing aroma therapy or fishing on a lake or lying in the sun at a quiet beach with a cool breeze and listening to your favorite music that surrounds you with peace and stills your mind. It is in this place of quiet rest, where your mind is quiet and your body is relaxed that God comes and pours His love into you and rubs His oil on you. In this place of perfect peace you can receive healing in your heart. This happens because God is pouring His love into you by means of the Holy Spirit and this is a simply a gift. (Romans 5:5) All you have to do is say, “Thank you.” Then take the gift and open it up.

The Working of the Holy Spirit in You

The Holy Spirit is the power of God bringing into manifestation the desire of the Father through Jesus.  Holy Spirit is like a king (because He represents Jesus) that has all power and dominion and all you need to do is be in His presence to activate the power of the King’s authority.
He is the desire of the Father for you; and the habitation of Jesus and the Father in your life. The Holy Spirit is the anointing of God that breaks yokes, heals people, raises people from the dead, and the One who quickens your mortal body. But without revelation, all that the Holy Spirit is, is just a seed within you. He wants to be the person of the Godhead who walks with you. You need a teachable spirit before God, and when you come with an open heart to God’s word, then the Holy Spirit comes to you and opens your understanding so that you have knowledge about God and His ways. The Holy Spirit’s desire for what He was sent for, is to walk and talk with you, and to lead, guide and direct you. He helps us to make wise decisions. He opens our eyes in the spirit and show us things that are happening that we wouldn’t know without the Holy Spirit. (Like the Holy Spirit showing Paul a man in Macedonia who let Paul know they needed help.) (Acts 16:9)

Al’s Nugget of Truth

You need to see the Holy Spirit as a friend that walks with you and talks with you. He even desires to be with you more than you want to be with Him. This is His purpose for being sent from the throne room by the Father, through Jesus for you! (1 John 2:27)
God comes to you to lead you into all truth. In the form of the Holy Spirit, it’s really Jesus and the Father coming and supping with you. (Revelation 3:20) This begins with your desire to have an intimate relationship with God. This is like when two people fall in love. They each must give up the life they are currently living so that they can have a life together. Remember, living with Holy Spirit is not a formula or a set of rules and regulations; it is pure and simple – it’s a love relationship. So let God love you and help you fall in love with the wonderful, beautiful, Holy Spirit and begin your journey of love together! After all, everything in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is to you and for you. It shows you everything God did through Jesus to bring you back to the Garden of Eden so that He can walk and talk with you and have that habitation of love with you. (John 14:23)
We hope this blesses and encourages you. We love you all.
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Flashback To Your Future


The Conversation

As I was riding on the bike trail, Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the callings, promises, dreams and visions that God had given His people; yet these precious gifts lay deserted, dormant or forgotten.

The Hope

BEHOLD! I do a new thing. (See Isaiah 43:19)

As in the days of Ezekiel, My breath is breathing upon your callings, promises, dreams and visions.

I am purifying dead works.  (Things God gave us yet they crashed or never manifested because we tried to do them our way and in our own strength; not yielding to the Holy Spirit and God’s ways.) 

I am prophesying life into My people again. My Holy Presence now comes, infusing My people with Holy fiery zeal to do great exploits for Me. (See Daniel 11:32)

Golden Nuggets

God never gives up on what He has given. In this fulness of time season, God is resurrecting what lies deserted, dormant or forgotten.

When you look back this time at the things God has given you, your flashback will launch you into your calling and your future. There is new revelation power coming on your callings, promises, dreams and visions from God; empowering you to be singularly focused.

Engage this power to be singularly focused.  Then you will see the future of those promises.   Increased discernment and understanding of how it’s going to start, build and carry on in the future will ignite in you.  This is because you have been in a  LONG season of discipline; learning the ways of God and being purified from things that have darkened your counsel with God. In other words, God has been maturing you. And now that you are trained in every area of your ministry, you are readied for success.  As you stand like a towering champion, when the enemy opposes you, he sees the brightness of the glory of God in you and turns the other way.  Success in every area will be yours; you will advance and you will prosper in all that God has given you.

Don’t look at others to judge your success, for each and every one of us are called to ministry by God according to our own uniqueness which God purposed. Failure is not an option because the One who overcame all is living inside of you.

Ezekiel 37:1-5,10
The hand of the Lord was upon me and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones. He caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry. And He said unto me, “Son of man, can these bones live?”

And I answered, O Lord God, thou knows. Again He said unto me, “Prophesy upon these bones and say unto them, ‘O ye dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord.’ Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you and ye shall live.”

So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived and stood upon their feet; an exceeding great army.

God’s Gold Mine

The Vision

The other day, Al was praying in the Spirit and he had a vision in which he found himself standing at the entrance of an old gold mine.  A covered wagon full of angels pulled up to the mine.  These angels were God’s cleaning crew.  They pulled out vacuums, brooms, dustpans, etc. and began to clean the mine’s entrance.  As the angels cleaned, Al saw “doctrines of men” in the shaft like an artery full of cholesterol.  As Al pondered this, he realized this meant doctrines that man created out of misunderstanding  God’s word. 

Going Deeper

Once the main shaft was cleared, Al saw deeper into God’s gold mine.  The shaft divided out from one into many.  Al felt like these shafts represented the many different facets of God’s word.  When these shafts appeared, Al realized that these many facets of God’s word led straight into His heart! God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.  (See Psalm 119:105)  This path is the highway of holiness spoken of in Isaiah 35:8-10: TPT

There will be a highway of holiness called the Sacred Way.  The impure will not be permitted on this road, but it will be accessible to God’s people.  Not even fools will lose their way.  The lion will not be found there; no wild beast will travel on it – they will not be found there.   But the redeemed will find a pathway on it.  Yahweh’s ransomed ones will return with glee to Zion.  They will enter with a song of rejoicing and be crowned with everlasting joy.  Ecstatic joy will overwhelm them; weariness and grief will disappear!

God’s Word

God released this vision to Al to reveal what has been keeping God’s people, for years, from seeing the importance of His Word and understanding the facets of revelation that come from His Word.  The revelation we receive from His word prepares our heart so we can use this lamp unto our feet to find the path of holiness.

Psalm 7:9b TPT:  Reward and prosper the cause of the righteous; for You are the righteous God, the soul searcher, who looks deep into every heart to examine the thoughts and motives.

Our stubbornness, laziness, and lack of faith; mixed with doctrines of men that have been sown as a seed into our lives have kept us from having a passionate zeal to seek to know God through His Word for ourselves.  We have been content to sit and passively listen to a man speak to us about God, rather than stir ourselves up on our most Holy faith given to us at our salvation experience. 

Angels Help

Thankfully, God knows our weaknesses and helps us.  In the vision, it was angels that cleared out our clogged arteries.  (See Psalm 32:7 and 34:7)  The clogged arteries represent what is clogging up the pathway of the Life of Christ in us. 

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it for you on the altar to make atonement for your soul; for it is the blood that makes atonement by the life.” Leviticus 17:11 ESV 

Angels are a spiritual blessing given to us by God to minister to us.  (See Hebrews 1:14 and Ephesians 1:3)  We need God’s help to deliver us and awaken us to zeal and passion for Him.

Al’s Nuggets of Truth

Al says, “It’s time for us to go in to God’s word for ourselves and let the Holy Spirit of God teach us the truth about God’s word; bringing revelation that will produce real faith.  This real faith empowers us to do His will in accordance with His divine word.   We manifest His will and His word through our words and deeds.  And the Lord will go with us confirming His word with signs.  (See 1 John 2:27 and Mark 16:20)

Acquiring Gold

One more thing – Al felt led to call it God’s Gold Mine because God counsels us to purchase gold perfected by fire, so that you can be truly rich.  God is love and that love is a consuming fire.  When you choose to draw close to God; He perfects you by His fire, removing everything that hinders you from being able to search the many facets of God’s Word which puts you on the path of holiness – leading you directly into His heart.  (See 1 John 4:8; Hebrews 11:29 and Revelation 3:18)

We love you all,


PS:  Al says remember, as you draw near to God, He draws near to you.  When He manifests in your life, He brings wisdom, knowledge, understanding and the anointing that breaks every yoke of bondage upon you and everyone else you share God’s revelation to.  So let’s cause things to be on earth as they are in heaven.

PPS:  Did you take the time to read all of the scriptures?  Desire God’s Word.

Dream for the Next Season

Tree Dream

I was standing at the bottom of a green knoll.  On top of the knoll was a tall, beautifully formed tree. It had perfect, uniform bark with closely formed pieces in vertical rows.  No blemishes, twisting or knots were on this trunk.  It was perfect and straight.  It was very large around and the same size all the way up, with no narrowing at the top.  Three fourths the way up the tree where the canopy formed was burned off, with only a few dangling branches black with soot.

I woke up startled at what I saw.  I knew it was a spiritual dream and asked the Lord what it meant.  The only thing that came to mind at the time was the burning of the dross in our lives.  The Lord has been cleansing our prayer team of the inner attitudes, judgments, opinions and prejudices for several months. I thought that might be what it meant.  But I knew it had to have more meaning that just that.  If it was a purging of the dross only, there would have been branches left on the treetop.

I shared it with our Friday prayer group and they felt the same thing.  Though it was partially the burning of the dross in our lives there had to be more meaning than that.  We also knew it was for the whole Body of Christ, not a personal message to just us.

This week I was listening to Nate Johnson’s soaking message from June.  In the middle of the message he said this, “God is burning out the old season”.   I knew immediately that was the meaning of the dream.  I decided to try to visualize the dream by finding a burning tree.  When I was looking at my favorite free photo sites I noticed all the trees in the forest fires were burned from the ground up.  Even if the tree top started on fire it was from a tree near it.  The fires started at the grass, burned up and then traveled from tree to tree.  It was a deeper revelation of the dream.  This tree was by itself.  The grass was totally green.  The trunk was in healthy condition.  It could not have been lightening as lightening always scars the trunk.  That’s when I knew it was the Lord Himself who burned the top of the tree.  It came from above, but did not touch the trunk or the grass below.

Here’s what I believe the Lord is saying.

I have tried to get you to change to my new way of doing things.  You have resisted wanting to keep what you know how to do in place.  I have tried to draw you higher into my vision of the future, but you keep trying to live in what you see where you are.  Therefore, I have burned the past ways of doing things.  It is destroyed by My fire.  The foundations of faith, all that you have that is based in My Word and My ways are still there in the trunk. It will hold the new season.  It will provide life for the new season.  You will grow stronger, mightier and higher in the new season.  This time, right now is for inner growth.  Go back to your foundation faith and rebuild My way.  I will be the One leading this time.  I will be the One causing new growth and branches.  I will be the One overseeing the new season as I am preparing the Bride for my coming.  Don’t resist Me in this.  You cannot go back to the old ways as I have burned them.  All will know it is Me who has done this for the fruit will glorify Me.


September 2019 M.O. McKinley