Desire is the Fire that keeps us close to the Lord

Colossians 1:28-29  (TPT)

Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth. It has become my inspiration and passion in ministry to labor with a tireless intensity, with his power flowing through me, to present to every believer the revelation of being his perfect one in Jesus Christ.”

When we fall in love with Jesus our Savior, a fiery passion stirs in our hearts.  We may be a slow burner, by that I mean we don’t have flare-ups and flash fire, we stay on a steady fire of passion.  Some of us are flash and flare with the Lord.  We get so overwhelmed with who He is in our lives, we leap up and shout praise to Him, sometimes in very awkward moments!  There is nothing wrong with flash and flare, we just need to learn to keep the damper working to be aware of our surrounding circumstances.  There are times we need to be a flash-fire, burning throughout a situation, but usually we need that steadfast and controlled burn that keeps us on fire for God and His ways.

Let us burn with Holy Passion for our Lord Jesus.  Let us warm the hearts of those who have become cold and indifferent to the Lord.  Let us be a pleasing incense to Jesus as we live a worship filled life.  God bless you this week.

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