Desire Qualifies You

Desire Qualifies You

This morning when my husband Al woke up, the Holy Spirit came to him and began to teach him about desire.  Did you know that your desire qualifies you and the revelation of that causes you to walk in what you desire?
Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
The key to walking in your desires is love. It’s easy to flow in the spirit when love is guiding your heart.  Your heart just needs to be healed of wounds and offenses. Only God can come and heal you. He heals you as you wait on Him.
Waiting on God is like taking a bubble bath or doing aroma therapy or fishing on a lake or lying in the sun at a quiet beach with a cool breeze and listening to your favorite music that surrounds you with peace and stills your mind. It is in this place of quiet rest, where your mind is quiet and your body is relaxed that God comes and pours His love into you and rubs His oil on you. In this place of perfect peace you can receive healing in your heart. This happens because God is pouring His love into you by means of the Holy Spirit and this is a simply a gift. (Romans 5:5) All you have to do is say, “Thank you.” Then take the gift and open it up.

The Working of the Holy Spirit in You

The Holy Spirit is the power of God bringing into manifestation the desire of the Father through Jesus.  Holy Spirit is like a king (because He represents Jesus) that has all power and dominion and all you need to do is be in His presence to activate the power of the King’s authority.
He is the desire of the Father for you; and the habitation of Jesus and the Father in your life. The Holy Spirit is the anointing of God that breaks yokes, heals people, raises people from the dead, and the One who quickens your mortal body. But without revelation, all that the Holy Spirit is, is just a seed within you. He wants to be the person of the Godhead who walks with you. You need a teachable spirit before God, and when you come with an open heart to God’s word, then the Holy Spirit comes to you and opens your understanding so that you have knowledge about God and His ways. The Holy Spirit’s desire for what He was sent for, is to walk and talk with you, and to lead, guide and direct you. He helps us to make wise decisions. He opens our eyes in the spirit and show us things that are happening that we wouldn’t know without the Holy Spirit. (Like the Holy Spirit showing Paul a man in Macedonia who let Paul know they needed help.) (Acts 16:9)

Al’s Nugget of Truth

You need to see the Holy Spirit as a friend that walks with you and talks with you. He even desires to be with you more than you want to be with Him. This is His purpose for being sent from the throne room by the Father, through Jesus for you! (1 John 2:27)
God comes to you to lead you into all truth. In the form of the Holy Spirit, it’s really Jesus and the Father coming and supping with you. (Revelation 3:20) This begins with your desire to have an intimate relationship with God. This is like when two people fall in love. They each must give up the life they are currently living so that they can have a life together. Remember, living with Holy Spirit is not a formula or a set of rules and regulations; it is pure and simple – it’s a love relationship. So let God love you and help you fall in love with the wonderful, beautiful, Holy Spirit and begin your journey of love together! After all, everything in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is to you and for you. It shows you everything God did through Jesus to bring you back to the Garden of Eden so that He can walk and talk with you and have that habitation of love with you. (John 14:23)
We hope this blesses and encourages you. We love you all.
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