El Shaddai-The God who is more than enough!

In our Wednesday night adult class, we have been studying Abram.  He became Abraham as a part of the covenant God made with him.  Though he received a promise from God to bless him abundantly with children, it didn’t happen as quickly as he and Sarai thought it should.

They like most of us who are waiting on God’s provision, tried to help God out.  They went around the promise and produced their own “child”.  He was not the child of promise and their actions caused all kinds of problems for them.  The same is true today when we chose to produce our “child of promise” instead of waiting on God.

How many of us have prayed for a car, house, job or other such thing, then because it did not instantly happen, chose to fix it ourselves.  We borrowed money at too high a rate, picked the first car, house or job that seemed to look good, then spent years of regrets for not waiting.  Also one big issue of not waiting, is when the promise is ready to be fulfilled, we are stuck in the self-made provision and sometimes cannot accept the promise as we are in debt to our ears or stuck in a dead-end job that requires two weeks notice.  OUCH!  Lots of us are Abram and Sarai at times.

Thank God for his mercy and grace extended to us.  He will forgive us and provide for us when we place our faith on His provision.  If we can learn to do so quickly and keep our own fingers out of it, the promise can come quicker.  God proved himself to Abram and Sarai in providing the son of promise and in the covenant He made with them changed their names to Abraham-father of nations and Sarah-princess.  He showed them one of his Names-El Shaddai; “The God who is more than enough” or “The All-Sufficient One”.  He is still revealing himself by that name to all who are walking in faith for His provision.




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