Everything Depends on God

Thesis #11: “The New Apostolic Epoch”   By: P. Douglas Small 

A thesis is a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proven.  I believe the following thesis that I am about to read to you concerning prayer.  In the church, we do many things such as maintaining the buildings and grounds, keeping them clean, visiting the sick and needy, caring for those in need of care, disciplining, training, preaching the Gospel and a whole lot more.  The thesis I am presenting today – thesis # 11 – about prayer says this:

Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  First, they were to prayerfully wait in the Upper Room for empowerment by the Holy Spirit.  As they prayed, in accord, the Holy Spirit came.  In prayer, the church was birthed; and by prayer, it is sustained.  In prayer, it evidences its purest form – dependence on God (Mark 16:15; Luke 14:23; Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:7-8). There is no true church where there is not ongoing demonstrated, deep dependence on God in prayer – by its leaders and the church itself, gathered in prayer.

Prayer:  Lord, teach us to pray, knowing that everything depends upon YOU!  Give us the courage to resist the voices screaming at us to strike out on our own.  From the collective experiences we have had, and know of from others, we “know” enough to get ourselves into deep trouble.  We confess, as Your church, we need You!  So, we pray, knowing that everything depends upon You.

But, we are also willing to work!  Lead us, guide us by your Holy Spirit along the journey so that we don’t misstep, so that our work is not in vain.  Give us a determination to seek your face in all we do that birth a knowing in our knower that we are moving in the direction you are pleased with.

Over and over, You have proven Yourself to us in our feeble attempts to hold onto You.  We love You and cannot see the way without You.  We confess our need of Your Presence in all of life and “wait” on You in prayer to move in on us.  Thank You for Your unfailing love and sustaining grace. Be with us in the days ahead.  We believe these days are critical to the future of this work to which you have called us.  Help us to stay focused on them and on You to guide us through them.  In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Savior and Lord we pray.  Amen!

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