God is Redemptive

god is redemptive

John 10:10

The devil came to:

steal       kill       destroy

Jesus came to give:

Life       Abundant Life

redemptive – adjective (Oxford Dictionary)

~       acting to save someone from error or evil

redeem – verb (Webster’s 1828 online dictionary)

~       to purchase

~       to regain possession of a thing

~       to rescue, recover, deliver

Every thing God does is redemptive.  God desires us to be like Him.  He wants us to keep others from error and evil.  We bring understanding of how to prevent the devil from trespassing in their life.

Presenting Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life helps to establish a person in  abundant (overflowing) life.  (See John 14:6)

When an opportunity presents itself whereby we can be redemptive, there are 4 keys that will help us know what to do:

Exalt God

Declare the Promises of God

Establish the Person/People (teach them in God’s way)

Let the Person/People Experience God’s Presence (by testifying about God’s personal love and relationship with you)

Be redemptive ~ Give to others Jesus’ abundant life.

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