Healthy Prayer Does Not Begin With Us, But With God

Thesis #13: “The New Apostolic Epoch”  By: P. Douglas Small


Healthy prayer does not begin with us, but with God.  It is the space he creates, that He gives by grace, for communion and transformation.  In return, prayer is a gift we give back to God, measured by time and evidenced by worshipful consecration.  It’s privilege, not its center, allows for presentation of our needs (petition, prayer requests) and its duty, demands prayer for others, particularly the lost (intercession).  But its heart is always worshipfully free – it is a pure gift.

O God, creator of us all, thank you for this great privilege to cry out to you in prayer!  Our world is moving at an ever maddening pace away from You.  It is frightening to us to see and hear the reality of how humanity has moved so far from faith in You.

O God, help us in our feeble efforts to be a credible voice of testimony for You, Your great love, and Your desire to save unto the uttermost, those who call upon You. Our work is meaningless and will be fruitless without Your partnership in it.  We acknowledge Your sovereignty in our lives and pledge ourselves to call upon Your name always!  You have always been there and we believe in Your promise to never leave us alone all the way through this journey of life.

We ask all these petitions in the Name of Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ!  And thank You again, for the privilege of prayer!


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