Intentional Focus in 2020 Requires Prayer and Planning

Late last year during November and December the Lord started speaking to my heart to stop “scatter praying”.  I had to stop and meditate on what that even meant.  It dawned on me how many times we use responsive prayer.  By that I mean we pray in response to a need brought to our attention.  I am not saying we don’t pray for others on a regular basis, just that most of our prayer not premeditated and intentional.

I asked Him to bloom that out to me in a greater measure.  In doing so I realized there were several things and people that keep coming to my heart time-after-time.  I got a notebook and started making pages for each person, event or subject that concerned my heart.  Under that page, I will over the coming year write down what is on my heart about each thing, then find Scripture verses to meet the need.  With that done, now I can focus as often as I need to on those things written down. They are before my eyes as often as I want them to be.  It is working so far.  I started out with a fairly long prayer, then add to them as often as those people or events come to mind.  By focusing deliberately it has helped me release the concern to His heart and declare the Word of God over each situation.

I pray you think about doing something similar.  We can see the hand of God move when we all agree with the Word of God over our situations.  God bless you richly in your prayer life this year.

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