It’s Time for Renewal in Christ Jesus

Every time January rolls around we feel the need to make resolutions and try to put on a new life.  It always makes me laugh when I realize how quickly those “New Years’ Resolutions” dissolved away.  We always seem to choose to change our whole life in one month, even though it took years to get where we are now.  I relaxed this year and choose to allow the Lord to choose my areas of change.  He knows us inside and out and knows where we are in faith and resolve.  He can choose something we can trust Him with and truly affect change in our lives.

My prayer for you all this year is to truly rest in Him and allow Holy Spirit to move your heart to change.  Let His love and conviction choose the places that will help you and those in your life be blessed the most.  I pray His blessings upon you as you allow Him to renew you this year.

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