Friday Prayer Dreams, Prophecies and Visions

Dreams, Prophecies and Visions

All of these three are ways that God speaks to and through his people.  In the Old Testament we mostly see prophets and priests speaking to His people.  In the New Testament, the Lord opens the doors for many to be able to be used by God to minister to His people.  Anyone who walks in these giftings and callings must be committed to holiness and purity in his or her gifting.

Our Friday prayer group have sought the Lord for several years, flowing with Him in praise, worship and prayers.  He has responded to us many times over these years.  The writings below are some of the anointed Words He has given different ones of us in our prayer time.  Though some were specific to our group, there were many that the corporate Body of Christ can receive.


[The following prophetic word was given May 25, 2019 concerning forgiveness and emotional healing]

Matthew 6:14-15  (NLT)

14 “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. 15 But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

The way out of being a victim is forgiveness. That releases you from their bondage and allows the Lord to heal and cleanse the areas that have been misused, whether physically, emotionally or mentally.  Also those things that have been stolen from your life can be restored by forgiving the debts and allowing God to be your source.  Sow seeds of forgiveness to receive the reward from the Father.

[Word given June 14, 2019–though this word was for our group specifically, there are others who are in the same situation.  You are part of a prayer team, worship team or whatever.  This is how God works in His children who team up for His sake.  You can receive it too.]

The Father says, “I am making a difference between you”  We are uniquely His.  “No more wandering aimlessly.  I will place your path before you.  Openly you will see it.  Each of you have different paths to take.  Your unity is from Me.  You differences are born of Me.  I will use you corporately to minister differently to a multitude of people.  Your heart-cry for souls has been heard by a grateful Father.  I will both send you forth to minister together and send people to you to minister to.  Many souls will respond to the corporate  anointing I have placed within you.  Resist the wandering heart and press in to unity in the Spirit.  I have called you a a one-heart group.  I love you and am blessing you both as a group and individually.  Watch and see what I am doing.  Join me in it.  I have just begun to use you.  Others will be drawn to you and will join their hearts to this group.  Some will physically come and join.  Others will be heart-joined only and will intercede greatly for what they see in you touches them even though they cannot physically join you.  Rejoice in Me and allow the anointing to fall on you all.”

[Word given July 5th, 2019]

We were crying out to the Lord to hear what His heart cry was for this season.  We asked Him what he wanted us to do at this time.  What is the Body of Christ to do now? The following was His response to us.

“Come closer to me.  Fill your hearts with My Words.  Rest your weary soul in my presence and allow the fellowship of the Spirit to cleanse the wounds and sorrows of the soul.  Refresh yourself in My Spirit.  Release the revelations of my Spirit in you.  Break up the hard ground in your barren fields.  Plant the truth of My Word in those fields.  Water them with the flowing oil and water of my Spirit.  Continuously declare my heart to those around you. Speak boldly in your private chamber all the love we share.  Allow us to release Our presence and will in your surroundings.  There are many you are touching in My Name.  I am releasing greater power to reach more.  Rejoice in Our Presence.  Rejoice in seeing souls saved, lives redeemed and those who are running from Us now running to Us.”

[Word given July 12-2019]

“I didn’t call you to manage people.  I called you to crush demons and manifest My power”

[Word given January 24, 2020]

We had been in deep intercession and prayer.  Also in repentance for dead works, walking in fear in areas rather than in faith.  We were crying out for God to free us of anything that was a hindrance to His work in the Body of Christ. Molly had a vision and then the Lord started given a powerful Word for the Body of Christ.

The vision was a lion, resting on his side, licking his lips fully satisfied with life and not willing to go after prey.  Then the Lord gave this Word:

“My body has grown fat and satisfied having picked clean the bones of other members of the body.  Mocking their sin, pouring out vile accusations to the world by TV, Facebook and emails.  All the filth they think they see, never looking inside the hearts and souls of the wounded.  Never bothering to pray and ask Me what My answer to their need is.  Stop devouring each other!  Cover the sinner-pray and ask Me for strategies in prayer and actions I require of you.  Seel My Word for my ways of dealing with wounded members of My body.

“Allow me to fill your mouth with exhortations and blessings.  Exhort them with the Word and bless them with my anointing and balm for forgiveness and deliverance.  Then you will see them set free and restored.  I have never assigned My people to be judge over My people.  I am the only one who has that right, and I choose mercy and grace instead.  Release My Spirit to woo, to convict and restore.  Be a co-laborer with Him.  Yeah, I will anoint you for that.  I will bless that assignment.  I will increase your anointing to do that as you join with Me to prepare the Bride for My coming.”

[I meditated on the word judgement there.  I know we are not to judge others as we will also be judged.  On the way to church, He revealed a deeper meaning to me.  We are to assess each situation through His eyes.  What is truly going on?  How am I to respond, or am I to respond other than prayer?  Our judgement part is over the situation, not the people.  We are not to celebrate sin, rather to love the sinner.  (Molly’s thoughts)]

[I, Molly, have had a couple of dreams that are meant to bless the Body of Christ]

I was in a house looking out a window and saw a large wad of snake.  There was no way to tell where one snake started and the other ended.  I was startled and yet could not look away.  While I watched, one of the snakes reared up and started eating the others.  It was so gorey, I looked away.  When I looked back later, there were only 4 snakes left.  As I watched another large different variety of snake was coming across the yard toward the house.  As it reached the wad of snakes, it started eating the last remaining snakes.  When I looked again, there was only one, flattened, dead snake left!  All the rest were devoured.

I woke up and asked the Lord what this dream meant.  He told me to analyze what I saw.  I saw a window, lots of snakes and them grossly eating each other.  He then revealed these things about the dream.  I was safe in the house.  I only observed the snakes and their deaths.  Lastly, they devoured each other.  I was seeking the destruction of my enemies, but I had to do nothing.  They destroyed each other!  Praise God.  I believe lots of you are going through enemy attacks.  The Lord is saying, stay close to Him, and you will see your enemies destroyed in front of your eyes.

In the next dream, I saw a person crocheting a large afghan.  [When I woke up, I thought the person was female, but as I rehearsed the whole dream, there was no indication of what the person looked like accept for the hands, and lap, it could have been a man.]  The skein of yarn was dangling off of the crocheted piece on the floor in front of them.  To the right side was a cat and her kitten,watching.

All of a sudden, the kitten leaped onto the skein of yarn on the floor and got all tangled up in it.  I heard the person crocheting the afghan, chuckling at the antics of the kitten.  They picked the kitten up, unwound it from the tangled mess it had made, put it on the ground and the kitten scampered off.  The person picked up the afghan and started back to work.  The cat, who had been observing the whole scene, suddenly leaped into the skein on the floor.  She got so entangled that she started panicking and fighting to get out of the mess she had made.  The yarn started getting pulled out of the work already done.  The person doing the crocheting, tried to pick up the cat to calm her down.  She was hissing, biting and scratching in her panic.  It took a forceful hold to calm her down enough to set her free.  The afghan was damaged in the fight.

I woke up and asked the Lord to reveal the hidden truths there.  He told me the mistakes and entanglements from youth  can sometimes be released easily.  The person may not be harmed or permanently entangled.  It even has some humor as others watch the antics.  But in a fully grown adult, who has already seen what such entanglements can do, to leap into the traps anyway is much harder to fix.  The adult has more strength to resist help, they are more likely to hiss, bite and claw at anyone who wants to help them. He also said they are damaging their future in these entanglements.  He was so fierce in the tone of voice He spoke to me with.  He said, “It was Me, who is creating your life.  The afghan is all that I have already created.  The skein of yarn is what is yet to come.  By entangling yourself in things, you already have seen to be bad, you are tearing at the framework of your own future. [ The cat torn up the work already done on the afghan.] I will get you out of these entanglements, but with your own faith and help.  I will no longer do it all for you.”

It was a very sobering dream.  How many of us keep trying to get to the edge of God’s grace in our lives.  We know what we are doing is not good for us, yet we keep edging closer to it.  God help us all break before Him with a repentant heart and ask for forgiveness for rebellion and selfishness.

[I, Molly, have had 2 significant dreams this last week.  Our Friday prayer team has been praying into what comes next.  We know this world-wide shut-down is not going to last much longer. We are seeking God for the next steps are needed for the Body of Christ to come out victorious in this next season.]

April 9, 2020

I was in a medium-sized church building.  It looked as if it could hold up to 200 people.  There were pews so I knew it was a church.  The floors were beautiful blue water.  It was pre-service so people were standing around in conversation.  There were both adults and children in the room.  The adults were in animated conversation about a major victory we had against a huge, poisonous black snake.  It had been destroyed and no longer had any power over us.  But, there were several people pointing out that there were other poisonous snakes in the area and we should all be watching out for them.  In that moment of the dream, in my mind’s eye, I saw what looked like patterned snaked about 1 feet long lurking in the area.  There were not in the room, but we knew they were a threat.

I went to the front of the church to get a seat.  A man that I knew from another church, came up to me and handed me one of those ink pens that have a logo and address on them.  When I looked at it, I was so shocked that he would have such a horrible thing in his hand. [I knew it was bad, but have no memory of what it said]. I asked him why he would hand me such an awful thing.  He began to share all the wonderful attributes connected to this company.

I then woke up.  As I meditated upon the dream and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal what it meant for us, He started revealing the hidden secrets.  As I have shared it with other prophets, more has been revealed. The church building was representing the Body of Christ.  The floor of blue water was a sign of the coming End Time revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh.  The blue is usually revelation and spiritual knowledge.  The snakes, in this case, were poisonous darts attacking the Body of Christ, especially the children.  They were playing and running about in the sanctuary.  The adults were watching over the enemies and constantly alert for more danger.  The man with the ink pen was one of the most dangerous people in the room.  He was a charlatan using his relationship with the Body of Christ to spew out evil programs and plans.

As I prayed into this dream for several days the Lord also showed me another aspect of it.  As most of us know, websites are available to almost anyone who wants to have a site.  If you have the money and skills you can set up in business easily.  Also, unless you market your site, not many people will know you exist.  This is how those charlatans will deceive many.  They will get a following, set up a world-wide website and only those who have access will know they are there. Hidden agendas, deception in teaching and opening the doors for demonic possession all will be on the menu.  We need to pray protection over new converts so they will not be caught in this deadly trap.

April 10, 2020

The second dream was even more diabolical towards the children in the next move of God.  This would include literal ages and spiritual ages.  Newborn Christians, area as vulnerable as children.

I was with a rather large group of people both adults and lots of children in a large forested area.  There were really nice trees and large open areas all mingled together.  The adults were standing under the trees, enjoying the shade while watching the children in the field playing together.  They were having so much fun together.  I was standing on the edge of the tree area along with a few others, watching over the children.  Suddenly out of the sky in a trough-shaped pattern came rusty metal scraps. Almost like shrapnel but in hand-sized and smaller pieces.  They were aimed directly at the children.  We who were closest to the children started screaming for them to get out of that field.  As they were scattering, suddenly clothing starting coming down that shoot towards the scattering children.  Then next came more metal.  As I was trying to see how this was happening, I saw an attractive woman in the sky directing the items that were falling on the field and children.  She was kind-looking, with a sweet face. In her mind and heart she was blessing the children.  She did not see what she was doing as evil or deadly.  We were all looking at her in amazement, as the children fled the field.

As I meditated this dream, my heart was pounding and my thoughts racing at the seriousness of the dream.  The Holy Spirit started speaking to my heart about what I had seen.  The people once again, were representative to the Body of Christ.  The adults were watching over the children, yet enjoying fellowship with the Tree of Life, Jesus.  The children were just enjoying it all.  The attack was only aimed at the children as none of the items coming from the sky were aimed at the trees.  The adults saw danger and started crying out for the children.  The rusty metal was like a pipe-bomb would be in affect.  All those small sharp pieces of rusty metal can tear flesh, would and even kill those under its onslaught. The clothes in that big of an amount would smother those under it.

The main thing I perceive out of these two dreams is “be alert” at all times.  The church was not a safe place as the enemy infiltrated with poisoned attacks and charlatans.  The forest was not safe either as the enemy was attacking from above.  The rusty metal pieces were small and sharp-edged to tear at the body.  The clothes in that amount would easily smother a person.  Lies, deceit, smothering out growth are all on the enemy’s agenda.  We need to be alert and praying for clarity, vision, direction and protection for the children and adults in the Body of Christ.  The angels are on assignment for our protection also.  It is so comforting to know our God is warning us what the enemy’s plans are so we can pray for God’s holy intervention in our lives.