Our God reigns over every nation

Psalm 47:8 The Passion Translation

Our God reigns over every nation.
He reigns on his holy throne over all.

Psalm 18:49 The Passion Translation 

49 This is why I thank God with high praises!
I will sing my song to the highest God,
so all among the nations will hear me.

Honor God in every nation

We need to remember to honor God in every nation.  He is Lord over all the nations.  In whatever nation we live, we can praise and worship Him.  Our love and honor comes from our hearts.  In some nations it is a dangerous thing to openly praise and worship Him, we realize this.  Yet we can always do so in our hearts with uplifted eyes.  God sees the heart of man and all its ways.  We honor Him by our own outward actions toward Him and others.  Do we love our neighbor?  Do we live honestly and uprightly before the world?  Do we forgive those who dishonor us?  All these actions reflect the love of God toward mankind.  When we act like God our Father towards others, we are worshipping and praising Him by our very deeds!

Let this be a week of revealing the holiness of our God by our heart actions both to Him and to our fellow mankind.  God bless you all in this most Holy Week before Easter Sunday.

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