Our hearts spill over with praise to You, God

There are so many times in life when our hearts are so full we seemingly cannot contain the joy of it.  A new baby in the family.  Maybe a new job or raise on the job.  A time of thanks given to us for a “job well done”. A love for husband, parents, friends or child, can also overflow our hearts.

The one place we can freely, at any time, overflow our hearts is when we remember all the wonderful things the Father, God has done to and for us.  Our eternal salvation was a costly gift given freely to us through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Our daily provisions, health, relationships, kindness show unto us.  The wonderful Holy Spirit who is with us here on earth at all times, loving us , teaching us, encouraging us and showing us who Jesus is more and more each day.

There are so many blessings we can outpour from a grateful heart. Maybe it’s time to release some today…oh yes it is.

Praise You Lord!  Thank You for all You have done and are doing for us. We rejoice in God our Father, Jesus our Lord and Holy Spirit, friend and guide.


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