Prayer Begins With God

Thesis #15: “The New Apostolic Epoch”  By: P. Douglas Small


Prayer begins with God.  It is grace empowered.  God wakes up our cold dead heart to the reality of His Presence and calls prayer out of us.  Prayer is always our response to the often-imperceptible Presence and working of the Holy Spirit (John 4:23). The absence of regular prayer indicates spiritual deafness, or worse, a hard heart no longer obedient when God calls.


“Like your disciples, we ask you to “teach us how to pray!”  But, not just the words.  Teach us the “value” of prayer to our lives in this world!”  May we grasp the connection between prayer and your power at work in and through our lives personally.  Help us to know how to use prayer daily, to pray past our own person and being, our own need, and pray for wisdom, strength, and courage to extend the grace you have placed inside us, to others we meet during the course of the day.  Reveal to us how much “prayer” is like an “umbilical cord”, always connecting us to you and keeping Your life flowing into our life!  Teach us how to stay “tethered” to You through a consistent, vibrant, prayer life.

We surrender our will to you now as we pray.  Your will, not our will be done, here on earth, just like it is in heaven!  Use us this day to distribute the “glory” of Christ’s transforming love by the transformation His love has brought to us personally through faith in You.  May we be blessed to know Your Presence is with us through out the course of this day!  It is in the name of Your Son, who is our Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth that we humble ask these things.  Amen!


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