Prayer is the heartbeat of the believer

Thesis #12: “The New Apostolic Epoch”  By: P. Douglas Small   

Prayer is at it’s heart, worship – and at it’s edge, mission. In between, God meets our needs.  Communion with God, not prayer requests, is the heart of prayer.

Prayer:  O God, may we see by your Spirit and by your Word, that prayer truly is the heartbeat of the believer who is effective and alive in the Spirit.  Your Word does tell us that “we have not, because we do not ask”.  So, we ask You first for contentment in You, for hope of a future reflected to us in Your Word.  As we pray, build up the muscle of trust and faith in You, in Your Word. We are so in need of Your Presence through prayer, yet we often find our prayers reduced to grumbling, complaining meanderings of self-centered petitions.  Give us the endurance to wait until you come and commune with us, overwhelming our hearts with Your loving, living Presence.  There is much to be accomplished for You and the Kingdom you have entrusted to our hands.  Lead us on in this world of hurt and pain, so we stand as beacons of hope and instruments of help for others along the way.  We humbly ask these petitions in the Name above all names, (our own included) the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen!


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