Psalms that plead for justice from God.

David and the psalmists sang their prayers to the God.  They cried out in the middle of their troubles for God to extract justice for them against evil ones who continually attacked them.  God in His mercy did save and rescue them over and over again.  He will do the same for us.  We also have Someone on our side that they did not have.  Jesus the Messiah!  His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead opened for us a greater power against the enemy of our soul, Satan.  Jesus commands all power over him and gave us authority to use His name against our enemy.  John chapters 14-16 are a great revelation of the power of Jesus’ Name. God is still listening to the cry for justice and does respond to our prayers.  We must trust in His timing and justice will be fair to all.  The Scriptures below are just a few of the psalmists prayers.  As you study the book of Psalms, you may find others that will help you pray for justice in your own life.

Psalms 5:8-10  Lead me, O LORD, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make thy way straight before my face.   For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue.   Destroy thou them, O God; let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against thee. 

Psalms 7:1-6  Shiggaion of David, which he sang unto the LORD, concerning the words of Cush the Benjamite. O LORD my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me:   Lest he tear my soul like a lion, rending it in pieces, while there is none to deliver.  O LORD my God, if I have done this; if there be iniquity in my hands;  If I have rewarded evil unto him that was at peace with me; (yea, I have delivered him that without cause is mine enemy:)  Let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the earth, and lay mine honour in the dust. Selah.   Arise, O LORD, in thine anger, lift up thyself because of the rage of mine enemies: and awake for me to the judgment that thou hast commanded. 

Psalms 9:1-8  To the chief Musician upon Muthlabben, A Psalm of David. I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.   I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.   When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence.   For thou hast maintained my right and my cause; thou satest in the throne judging right.   Thou hast rebuked the heathen, thou hast destroyed the wicked, thou hast put out their name for ever and ever.   O thou enemy, destructions are come to a perpetual end: and thou hast destroyed cities; their memorial is perished with them.   But the LORD shall endure for ever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment.   And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness. 

Psalms 10 TPT  Lord, you seem so far away when evil is near! Why do you stand so far off as though you don’t care? Why have you hidden yourself when I need you the most?   The arrogant in their elitist pride persecute the poor and helpless. May you pour out upon them the very evil they’ve planned against others!  How they brag and boast of their cravings, exalting the greedy. They congratulate themselves as they despise you. 
Psa 10:4  These arrogant ones, so smug and secure! In their delusion the wicked boast, saying, “God doesn’t care about what we do. There’s nothing to worry about! Our wealth will last a lifetime.”   So seemingly successful are they in their schemes, prosperous in all their plans and scoffing at any restraint.  They boast that neither God nor men will bring them down. They sneer at all their enemies, saying in their hearts, “We’ll have success in all we do and never have to face trouble”—never realizing that they are speaking this in vain.   Their mouths spout out cursing, lies, and threats. Only trouble and turmoil come from all their plans.  Like beasts lurking in the shadows of the city they crouch silently in ambush for the people to pass by. Pouncing on the poor, they catch them in their snare to murder their prey in secret as they plunder their helpless victims.   They crush the lowly as they fall beneath their brutal blows, watching their victims collapse in defeat!   Then they say to themselves, “The Lofty One is not watching while we do this. He doesn’t even care! We can get away with it!”   Now is the time to arise, Lord! Crush them once and for all! Don’t forget the forgotten and the helpless.   How dare the wicked think they’ll escape judgment, believing that you would not call them to account for all their ways. Don’t let the wicked get away with their contempt of you!   Lord, I know you see all that they’re doing, noting their each and every deed. You know the trouble and turmoil they’ve caused. Now punish them thoroughly for all that they’ve done! The poor and helpless ones trust in you, Lord, for you are famous for being the helper of the fatherless. I know you won’t let them down.   Break the power of the wicked and all their strong-arm tactics. Search them out and destroy them for the evil things they’ve done.   You, Lord, are King forever and ever! You will see to it that all the nations perish from your land.   Lord, you know and understand all the hopes of the humble and will hear their cries and comfort their hearts, helping them all!   The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for you will bring them justice, and no one will trouble them. 

Psalms 11 TPT  For the Pure and Shining One, by King David. Lord, don’t you hear what my well-meaning friends keep saying to me: “Run away while you can! Fly away like a bird to hide in the mountains for safety. For your enemies have prepared a trap for you! They plan to destroy you with their slander and deceitful lies. Can’t you see them hiding in their place of darkness and shadows? They’re set against you and all those who live upright lives.” But don’t they know, Lord, that I have made you my only hiding place? Don’t they know that I always trust in you?   What can the righteous accomplish when truth’s pillars are destroyed and law and order collapse?  Yet the Eternal One is never shaken—he is still found in his temple of holiness, reigning as Lord and King over all. He is closely watching everything that happens. And with a glance, his eyes examine every heart. For his heavenly rule will prevail over all.  He will test both the righteous and the wicked, exposing each heart. God’s very soul detests those who love to resort to violence.   He will rain down upon them judgment for their sins. A scorching wind will be their portion and lot in life.   But remember this: the Righteous Lord loves what is right and just, and every godly one will come into his presence and gaze upon his face! 

Psalm 12 TPT  A song of smiting, sung for the new day by King David. Help, Lord! Save us! For godly ones are swiftly disappearing. Where are the dependable, principled ones? They’re a vanishing breed!   Everyone lies, everyone flatters, and everyone deceives. Nothing but empty talk, smooth talk, and double-talk. Where are the truthful?  I know the Lord will not deal gently with people like that! You will destroy every proud liar who says, “We lie all we want. Our words are our weapons, and we won’t be held accountable. Who can stop us?” May the Lord cut off their twisted tongues and seal their lying lips. May they all be silenced—those who boast and brag with their high-minded talk about doing whatever they want.   But the Lord says, “Now I will arise! I will defend the poor, those who were plundered, the oppressed, and the needy who groan for help. I will arise to rescue and protect them!”   For every word God speaks is sure and every promise pure. His truth is tested, found to be flawless, and ever faithful. It’s as pure as silver refined seven times in a crucible of clay.  Lord, you will keep us forever safe, out of the reach of the wicked. Even though they strut and prowl, tolerating and celebrating what is worthless and vile, you will still lift up those who are yours! 

Psalms 14 TPT  For the Pure and Shining One, by King David. Only the withering soul would say to himself, “There is no God.” Anyone who thinks like this is corrupt and callous, depraved and detestable, devoid of what is good.   The Lord looks down in love, bending over heaven’s balcony, looking over all of Adam’s sons and daughters. He’s looking to see if there is anyone who acts wisely, any who are searching for God and wanting to please him.   But no, everyone has wandered astray, walking stubbornly toward evil. Not one is good; he can’t even find one.  Look how they live in luxury while exploiting my people! Won’t these workers of wickedness ever learn? They don’t ever even think of praying to God.   But just look at them now, in panic, trembling with terror. For the Lord is on the side of the generation of loyal lovers.   The Lord is always the safest place for the poor when the workers of wickedness oppress them.   How I wish that Israel’s rescue would arise from the midst of Zion! When his people are restored, Jacob’s joy will break forth and Israel will be glad!

Psalms 17 TPT  A priestly prayer, by King David.

Listen to me, Lord. Hear the passionate prayer of this honest man. It’s my piercing cry for justice! My cause is just and my need is real. I’ve done what’s right and my lips speak truth.   Lord, I always live my life before your face, so examine and exonerate me. Vindicate me and show the world I’m innocent.   For in a visitation of the night you inspected my heart and refined my soul in fire until nothing vile was found in me. I’ve wanted my words and my ways to always agree.   Following your word has kept me from wrong. Your ways have molded my footsteps, keeping me from going down the forbidden paths of the destroyer.   My steps follow in the tracks of your chariot wheels, always staying in their path, never straying from your way.   You will answer me, God; I know you always will, like you always do as you listen with love to my every prayer.   Magnify the marvels of your mercy to all who seek you. Make your Pure One wonderful to me, like you do for all those who turn aside to hide themselves in you.   Protect me from harm; keep an eye on me like you would a child reflected in the twinkling of your eye. Yes, hide me within the shelter of your embrace, under your outstretched wings.   Protect me there from all my foes. For there are many who surround my soul to completely destroy me.   They are pitiless, heartless—hard as nails, swollen with pride and filled with arrogance!   See how they close in on me, waiting for the chance to throw me to the ground.   They’re like lions eager to tear me apart, like young and fearless lions lurking in secret, so ferocious and cruel—ready to rip me to shreds.  Arise, God, and confront them! Challenge them with your might! Free me from their clutches and rescue me from their rage.   Throw them down to the ground, those who live for only this life on earth. Thrust them out of their prosperity and into their portion in eternity, leaving their wealth and wickedness behind!   As for me, because I am innocent I will see your face until I see you for who you really are. Then I will awaken with your form and be fully satisfied, fulfilled in the revelation of your glory in me! 

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