Preparation before going live on Facebook

Hints to help in preparing for Facebook Live videos.

    • You need a title
    • Tell the viewers why you are filming [Example:  The joy of traveling is seeing new places and meeting new people]
    • Establish your authority on the subject-introduce yourself. [Example: I’m John Smith and I like to travel.  I have been to 20 countries and am looking forward to seeing more.]
    • Ask them to share and like your video [this increases your audience]
    • Content-begin and ends with a greeting at the beginning and thanks at the end.
    • Keep it under 30 minutes if at all possible.
    • Have a call-to-action at the end. [share your travel adventures; what countries do you like? etc…]
    • After recording, you can change the title, and thumbnail and also share it with other media sites.
    • Take these hints and create great Facebook Live videos.  Some personal favorites for me are those that have interesting backgrounds, little or no background noise, great lighting, and a well-modulated voice. People who yell, mumble, look distractedly in all directions are usually passed by within seconds of watching.  We can learn to make better videos by setting the post to be seen by only you.  (see photos below).  This way, you can record, and see how good or bad the background, sound, and video are.  You can then adjust accordingly.  If you find you like the video, you can then change it to public, friends, or whomever.
Tap the down arrow to choose who gets to see your video
Click on "See More" link
Choose "Only Me", then go back to the previous screen.