Real Prayer

Thesis #24: “The New Apostolic Epoch”  By: P. Douglas Small


We sprinkle prayer into our worship celebrations – but we avoid real prayer, intense prayer, culturally offensive prayer, lament (which makes up 40 percent of the psalms).  We prefer only “pretty prayer, politically correct and positive prayer.

Prayer:  Help us as believers in Jesus Christ to not shy away from speaking the Truth and most importantly, living the Truth!  We believe Your Word, Lord, and we also believe it is the best prescription to combat the evil that exists all around us! Enlighten us to know the Truth thru reading your Word and gaining understanding and wisdom from the Holy Spirit!

Stir our spirit by Your Spirit to be strong in our resolve and courageous in our actions to address in prayer the issues that cause so much trouble in our nation.  We need Your blessing and favor, and that is going away from us because of sinful disobedience by many who choose to disobey Your commandments.  May our prayers be filled with expectation and hope of reversing the trends toward moving away from You in our laws and governance. Your word is still true that “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people!”  Help us to be undeterred in our living, praying and speaking out on biblical truth, whether through prayer in our closets or in the public ear.  We know that you promised to hear our prayers when we pray in Your Name.

Establish us O God in the trenches of prayer for our nation and our world.  When the enemy comes to pilfer, plunder and destroy Your work, we expect to see the mighty move of Your power like an overwhelming flood against our enemy and his legions!

We know that through the power of the Name of Jesus, the battle will be won, the war will be successful!  And so, we pray in the Name of Jesus for victory, today, now, against our enemy and against the enemy of righteous who is the enemy of all men everywhere!



Author: Dennis Langford

Pastor of Covenant Life Church of God, Fruitland Park, Florida.

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