S.O.A.P. Method of Bible Study

The S.O.A.P. method of Bible study was invented by a pastor in Hawaii.  It is a simple tool to start your Bible learning journey.  Later on, you can branch out into deeper study methods with more steps and in depth information. 

This method helps you get started and also helps you grasp the truths in the Bible. S.O.A.P. is an acrostic to help you remember 4 easy steps to reading and studying your  Bible.  S-stands for Scripture.  O- stands for Observation.  A-stands for Application.  P-stands for Prayer.


Whatever Scriptures you start with, as you read, look for certain words or phrases that speak specifically to you at this time.  Sometimes it is a specific word, like “love” that will speak to you.


Using your own words, describe what the words or phrases are speaking to you. Are they calling you to change your ways? Are they bringing comfort? Do you need to read another passage of Scripture to understand this one better?


Now you can ask the Lord to show you how you can apply these Scriptures to your own life What do you need to do to respond to the Word you read? Do you need to repent, rejoice, pray, change your heart?  How do these verses change who you are?


Pray for wisdom and understanding for the Scriptures you just read.  There is always something you can take from reading the Bible.  Peace, joy, conviction, hope for a better future. Pray for the Lord to fulfill the Word in your life.