Subject Study Method

Subject Study Method

Many people use this method to study the Bible.  It is fun, interesting, and very informative, but it is not a complete method.  It is used with other studies.  The main reason for that is the temptation to take the subject and remove it from the context it was written in. This happens a lot when we are new Christians and are seeking a quick answer to prayer, or want to know more about God.  It is very helpful, but not a full study.

You can make it more of a full study by making sure you read before and after each subject chosen to find the full context.  This will keep you out of doctrinal danger and from believing teachings from the Bible that are not the complete picture.

Examples of types of subject studies are:

  • All the angels found in the Bible
  • All the Names of God
  • End Time prophecies
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Salvation
  • Miracles
  • God’s provision
  • Pride
  • Missions
  • Tithing

The list can go on and on according to your need at the time you are studying.  Use this method when you are searching for answers for a specific issue of life.  Just make sure you read the whole chapter to determine the true meaning of the verse.