The psalmist’s prayers of repentance

Psalms 25:1-15 TPT  King David’s poetic praise to God.

Forever I will lift up my soul into your presence, Lord.   Be there for me, God, for I keep trusting in you. Don’t allow my foes to gloat over me or the shame of defeat to overtake me.  For how could anyone be disgraced when he has entwined his heart with you? But they will all be defeated and ashamed when they harm the innocent.   Lord, direct me throughout my journey so I can experience your plans for my life. Reveal the life-paths that are pleasing to you.   Escort me along the way; take me by the hand and teach me. For you are the God of my increasing salvation; I have wrapped my heart into yours!

Forgive my failures as a young man, and overlook the sins of my immaturity. Give me grace, Lord! Always look at me through your eyes of love—your forgiving eyes of mercy and compassion. When you think of me, see me as one you love and care for. How good you are to me!   When people turn to you, they discover how easy you are to please—so faithful and true! Joyfully you teach them the proper path, even when they go astray.   Keep showing the humble your path, and lead them into the best decision. Bring revelation-light that trains them in the truth.   All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who follow the ways of his covenant.   For the honor of your name, Lord, never count my sins, and forgive them all—lift their burden off of my life!   Who are they that live in the holy fear of God? You will show them the right path to take.   Then prosperity and favor will be their portion, and their descendants will inherit all that is good.   There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God, where they sit near him and receive the revelation-secrets of his promises.   Rescue me, Lord, for you’re my only hero. 

Psalms 26 TPT King David’s poetic praise to God.

You be my judge and declare me innocent! Clear my name, for I have tried my best to keep your laws and to trust you without wavering.   Lord, you can scrutinize me. Refine my heart and probe my every thought. Put me to the test and you’ll find it’s true.  I will never lose sight of your love for me. Your faithfulness has steadied my steps.   I won’t keep company with tricky, two-faced men, nor will I go the way of those who defraud with hidden motives.   I despise the sinner’s hangouts, refusing to even enter them. You won’t find me walking among the wicked.  When I come before you, I’ll come clean, approaching your altar with songs of thanksgiving, singing the songs of your mighty miracles.   Lord, I love your home, this place of dazzling glory, bathed in the splendor and light of your presence!   Don’t treat me as one of these scheming sinners who plot violence against the innocent.   Look how they devise their wicked plans, holding the innocent hostage for ransom.   I’m not like them, Lord—not at all. Save me, redeem me with your mercy, for I have chosen to walk only in what is right.   I will proclaim it publicly in every congregation, and because of you, Lord, I will take my stand on righteousness alone! 

This Psalm seems to be a defense prayer in response to accusations may against David.  He pleaded with God to search his heart, to check for any wrong motives.  This is an important prayer for all of us.  We need to continually seek the Lord’s careful eye on our hearts.  He can show us any place where we are walking in disobedience. Our heart can easily deceive us when we are walking in rebellion.  We don’t want to acknowledge anything wrong we are doing.

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