Trusting God = Relaxing in Peace

Looking at this photo gives a lot of us a creepy feeling.  The road seems to narrow and looks dangerous and even scary.  The Lord really spoke to my heart about my reaction to this photo.  He told me very clearly, “If you would trust me, hold my hand and let us just walk down this road, I will show the hidden treasures and secrets hidden on each side of the journey.”

I was startled at that statement and realized, though I thought I was trusting Jesus along my journey, I was holding on too tight to His hand, still really walking in a place of fear.  When I deliberately stopped, breathed deeply and put my trust back into Him, the hidden things in the photo started revealing the truth.

  1. First, there is a road already created that we can walk on.
  2. Someone has already gone ahead and prepared the road.
  3. It looks like it shrinks from the position the photographer took the photo, but as you walk closer, the perspective changes and it won’t be as small as it looks now.
  4. If I am walking this road with the Lord Jesus, there is no need to fear.
  5. If fear is not allowed on the road with us, we can indeed stop along the way and look at the wonderful things hidden on the sides of the road.
  6. I imagined small patches of violets, rabbits, and other small furry creatures wandering there.  The whole photo changed into an adventure instead of a place of fear!

May we all reach a place of trusting in the Lord, kicking fear out of our journey and shift to joy and peace in our personal walk with the Lord Jesus.

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