Wives, be devoted to your husbands

let your beauty come from your inner person

The Marriage Relationship

Peter 3  (TPT)  

“And now let me speak to the wives. Be devoted to your own husbands, so that even if some of them do not obey the Word of God, your kind conduct may win them over without you saying a thing.  For when they observe your pure, godly life before God, it will impact them deeply. Let your true beauty come from your inner personality, not a focus on the external. For lasting beauty comes from a gentle and peaceful spirit, which is precious in God’s sight and is much more important than the outward adornment of elaborate hair, jewelry, and fine clothes.”

“Holy women of long ago who had set their hopes in God beautified themselves with lives lived in deference to their own husbands’ authority.  For example, our “mother,” Sarah, devoted herself to her husband, Abraham, and even called him “master.” And you have become her daughters when you do what is right without fear and intimidation.”

 “Husbands, you, in turn, must treat your wives with tenderness, viewing them as feminine partners who deserve to be honored, for they are co-heirs with you of the “divine grace of life,” so that nothing will hinder your prayers.”

The world focuses so much on outward looks.  Anyone who has scars, wrinkles, crooked teeth or nose, thinning hair, or any other obvious difference to our inner view of beauty, becomes a target of snide comments, rude looks and even being shunned from friendship.  The foolishness of all this reaction is that we all have blemishes somewhere on our bodies.  There is no “perfect” person.  Peter was publicly addressing the elaborate dress of some of the ladies of his day.  He reminded them God looks at the heart, not at what we look like physically.  Trying to look a certain way to prove our holiness, our beauty, or acceptableness before man or God is utterly foolish.

Does that mean we should be slobs and dress in dirty clothes?  Does it mean we don’t have to look our best in God’s house?  Yes and no…we need to strive to do our best to live cleanly spirit, soul, and body.  If we find ourselves in a place where we cannot dress in fine clothes, then make sure that the clothes we wear are clean and repaired the best we can.  What we wear is not as important as who we are inside.  That is the point Peter was making.

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