Ministries-Worship Expressions Team

Cindy Green

Molly McKinley

Debra Hawthorne

October 4, 2020

Pastor and Sharon Langford with the team

The Worship Expressions Team shared a beautiful flag presentation of worship and adoration to our Lord Jesus. The song was The Revelation by Phillips, Craig, and Dean. The team members were Cindy Green, Dianne Frank, and Debra Hawthorne

2018 Pentecost Sunday

Our Worship Expressions Team led by Sharon Menzie and Cindy Anderson, share the message of the Bible in dance.  We have special music and dance for the main Biblical focused events.  We have one for Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and anytime the Lord is leading us in a specific direction. Anyone who is skilled fills in the lead roles and then those who just want to express their love of God through dance join in the lesser skilled parts.  It is wonderful to see both children and adults of all ages share in this ministry.

Cindy Green [below] using flags in song and dance