Writings by: Jeanne Sullivan


By Jeanne Sullivan

Fretting your problems does no good

It can put you in a foul mood

Do as I say and just give them away.

That may sound good to you

But give them to who

To your father in Heaven, today

Trade in your fret

See what you’ll get

More trusting in the Lord

God says “don’t fret”

It ain’t over yet

What do you need me to do?

You’re not unique

Listen to God speak

He’s more experienced than you

He may not blow your problems away

But listen to what he has to say

You’ve got to do your part too.

Don’t be a goose

What have you got to lose?

He’s handled these problems before

You may think He’s wrong

Still tag along

How you doing so far on your own?


By Jeanne Sullivan

Have you thanked the Lord today?

For the little things He sends your way

Things like a clear blue sky

With fluffy clouds floating by

For birds nesting in the trees

The touch of a soft summer breeze

A baby’s smile a mother’s kiss

Hot coffee when life goes amiss

Good friends who listen to you vent

You know they must be heaven sent

We make the time to pray for the bigger things

And forget our joy with the things He brings

So praise the Lord each and every day

For the little things He sends your way


By Jeanne Sullivan

I wonder why the birdies sing when it’s still dark outside?

Is it because they know the darkness of the night will be chased away

Making room for the light of God’s new day?

The Rosebud Trees

By Jeanne Sullivan

Two little rosebud trees struggled through the winter. I can’t wait to bloom said one.

this year will be my first time. I wonder what color I am. LOOK, I have some buds.

If I push real hard maybe I can flower.

It’s not time said God.

But it’s warm and sunny said the little tree.

It’s not time said the Lord.

The little tree sighed. The sun was warm and she couldn’t wait.

She pushed and pushed and beautiful pink flowers covered her.

Look at me she said to the other tree. I’m beautiful.

But God said not now.

I couldn’t wait said the little tree.

That night the frost was heavy and the little tree shivered in the cold.

When morning came all the blossoms were dead and the little tree cried.

Two weeks later the other tree asked God if it were time yet

Yes, said God.

So the second tree huffed and pushed until all the blossoms were pink and lush

and the little tree was dressed and beautiful.

She stayed that way until her dress changed to a Lovely green.

God said it was good.

God will tell me when it’s time. I can wait.